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Purpose (Continued)

o Comprehensive Program - More than 95 percent of FIPSE's funds support a
variety of action-oriented improvement projects. Projects span the fun
range of postsecondary issues, including improvement in the quality oT
education, integration of education and work, initiation of partnerships
between schools and businesses, and delivery of appropriate educational
services to a variety of learners.

o Hina Shaughnessy Scholars Program - These grants enable educators to
analyze important advances in postsecondary education and to make such
advances known and available to a broader audience.

o Final Year Dissemination Program - This program supports a small number
of dissemination grants for selected FIPSE projects in their final year
so that they may disseminate information about their projects to other


A.    Goals and Objectives

During FY 1984, the Department's principal objective for this program was to
stress the Importance of teacher education and college-school collabora-
tions, applications of technology to education, and reforms in graduate
and professional education.

B.    Progress and Accomplishments

o Table 1 below shows six areas which have been growing in size in recent
years and now form a major part of the FIPSE portfolio of grants and
completed projects (figures refer to new grants in FY 1984).

Table 1

FY 1984 New Grants by Category of Current Issues
Current Issues                                      New Grants in FY 1984

Access to Higher Education                                              36

Educational  Technology                                                     19

Teacher Education/School-College                                   16

Science and Technology                                                     12

Economic Growth                                                                15

Reasoning Skills                                                               11

Source:   See E. below

NOTE:   These areas  have  been  singled  out  for  Illustration.    They  do   not,
include all Issues or problems addressed by FIPSE projects.licable to postsecondary education